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All of these dams are healthy and capable, and many are proven producers of quality Olde English Bulldogge puppies.

In most breeding programs the studs usually get all the credit, but the truth is, a bulldog breeder needs quality females, in order to produce the exceptional puppies that a quality Olde English Bulldogge kennel demands. It is very easy to find cheap bulldog puppies online, but very difficult to find healthy, quality specimens of the breed. Look at the studs and dams used for each litter you are interested in, and be sure to ask lots of questions about the parents’ health, temperament, how they are with kids, and make sure you feel comfortable with the breeder’s knowledge. Enjoy the photos of these Olde English Bulldogge girls, we are very proud of all of our Bulldog dams! Feel free to call me and ask as many questions as you like.  I love to talk about my Bulldogges!
Female with muscles

Evolution’s Jordan

. 827

Evolution’s Venus

red bulldogge

Evolution’s Fat Girl

. 536

Evolution’s Bliss

Evolution Bulldogges Siren

Evolution’s Siren

wide Shiva

Evolution’s Shiva

Evolution Bulldogges LeeLou

Evolution’s LeeLou

vascular bulldog

Evolution’s Melee’

Black bulldog

Evolution’s Vixyn

Muscular red bulldog

Evolution’s Sin

Brassy Bulldogge

Evolution’s Brassy


It has been said time and again that the quality of a bulldog breeding program is built by the quality of its studs. There is a lot of truth to that statement.  I do place a lot of importance on our Olde English Bulldogge studs here at Evolution Bulldogges, but it is plain to see that we don’t skimp on the quality of any of our Olde English Bulldogges dams either!  Almost every one of these bulldog bitches can either compete right along side the best males out there, or even (in the case of Vendetta) embarrass nearly all the male Olde Bulldogges around.  My girls are all incredibly healthy and athletic, but also very sweet natured, nuturing, and loving.  I feel very fortunate to have such wonderful girls on my yard, and in my breeding program.  All of these girls were either created here at Evolution Bulldogges, or they have produced suc impressive Olde English Bulldogge puppies for us, that they are valuable enough to keep for another round.  My girls generally have a very short breeding career.  Generally they only produce 2 to 3 very impressive litters of Old English Bulldog puppies before earning their retirement.  If you are interested in one of these beautiful girls after she has earned her keep here at Evo Empire, and want a wonderful home companion bulldog to spoil, feel free to call and discuss future arrangements when they finish their breeding career.  We love finding awesome homes for our girls while they are still young so they can have a long life as spoiled house babies for the majority of their wonderful lives.