My Vision of an Evolution Bulldogge

Fully committed to building “bullet-proof” bulldogges,
my ideal Olde English Bulldogge is a massive, powerful bulldogge full of courage with a stoic facade that easily gives way to goofy playfulness.

I am building a courageous, physically capable bulldog of olde. Bred for large size, great power, excellent health, structure, and vigor, my ideal bulldogge is bred specifically as a protective home companion and is solid, stable, healthy, and trustworthy. My perfect bulldogge is 20 inches tall, with a 16 inch wide chest, a 26 inch meaty head, thick bone, short dense shiny coat, excellent hips, impeccable health, proper structure, and stable temperament with a fluid gait and great physical ability.This compact, dense monster tips the scales at a solid, lean 110 pounds with text book perfect structure.

The body proportions form a very square bulldogge. 20 inches from ground to withers, 20 inches length of back from base of neck to base of tail. The head is square in proportions as well; with the width being the same as height which is 8 inches. The chest being 16 inches, the head width being 8 inches, the head is half the width of the chest. The muzzle should also be half the width of the head, and the same distance from top of nose to bottom of jaw. Cheeks protruding with large masseter muscles, the length of muzzle is 1/4 the length of head from tip of nose to occiput.

The massive well squared head is firmly set to a thick, slightly arched neck that widens with split up muscle as it pours down into an excessively muscle wrapped frame along a slight roached back with a small tucked waist and thick, ripped up rear end. His shoulders have moderate layback, angulation of stifles set at a deep angle nearing 90 degrees. All four tight compact feet are oriented straight to the front, and the pasterns are high and strong at a 10 degree angle from vertical.

The overall silhouette of the animal is unmistakably bulldog, with an undershot jaw, pendulous flews, powerful stance, and beastly in proportions. This animal will command your attention immediately. Most importantly my bulldogges are extremely hearty and prime specimens of health, vigor, and power.

Breeding great bulldogges has been a life long pursuit for me, and will continue to be so for life. I will always work to improve my line of dogs, evolving my stock each generation. This is not my hobby. This is not something I do for money. This is not what I do on the weekends. It is an every hour of every day, of every year lifestyle for me.

Sketch of Olde English Bulldogge

Evolution Bulldogges are ABSOLUTELY NOT English Bulldogs.  They are Olde Bulldogges – a recreation of old bull baiting era dogs which are healthy and capable.

Far too many Olde English Bulldogge Breeders breed for the unhealthy, fat, sloppy English Bulldog type which is completely against everything that the Olde stands for.  If you see a bulldog that LOOKS like an English Bulldog, that means it is BUILT like an English Bulldog and it will be UNHEALTHY like an English Bulldog.

All Evolution Bulldogge breeding stock must meet high standards – passing health and temperament testing prior to being bred.  Selectively breeding for excellence and sticking to the original vision has led to a great degree of success in consistently producing quality specimens to evolve my breeder program generation after generation.  Take a look at Evolution Bulldogges current breeding stock in the studs and dams sections, as well as past productions found in the produced page as well.

Looking for more intensity, a larger frame (120-150 pounds), and a natural guardian?

Visit the Alaunt page.

14 thoughts on “My Vision”

  1. Brian,

    Thanks for your commitment! I don’t see any pedigrees on the page and I’d like to know are the dogs registered and with whom?

    Secondly, are all the dogs between 2k and 3k?
    I was hoping I could get away from the health issues and the cost of the Modern English Bulldogs. That’s not to say yours aren’t worth every penny! However, I assumed if the cost of insemination and delivery(English Bulldogs) were eliminated the cost of the pups would reflect that.



    • Hi Damany,
      I just rebuilt my entire site and will be adding more features over time including pedigrees. In the meantime I am happy to answer any questions about my Bulldogges that you may have through phone or email. All of my dogs are registered with the Olde Bulldogge Breed Association (OBBA) and are registerable with any Olde English Bulldogge Registry out there.
      $2000 to $3000 is typically the price of my puppies, with prices slightly higher or lower on occasion. While I have eradicated the typical bulldog health issues from my line of Oldes, as well as producing bulldogs that breed and whelp naturally, my costs as a breeder remain high with health testing, temperament testing, and competing nationally with my breeding stock to ensure quality productions with each generation. As I’m sure you can see, the quality of animals has increased over the last decade of breeding and I wont be letting up any time soon. Quality isn’t cheap to produce, but I keep my prices competitive with those who do less…
      Thank you for your kind words, I hope this helps!

  2. Just wanted to give a much deserved testimonial to Brian Miller, owner of Evolution Bulldogges. I have owned two English Bulldogs in the past and currently have a French Bulldog. Both of my English were expensive to purchase and especially to own. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen an English that didn’t have issues. This lead me to do some research. I knew I wanted another Bulldog but I also knew I didn’t want to deal with all the health issues. My research actually began about a year ago. Once I starting reading about the Olde English Bulldogge I was hooked. THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE DOG FOR ME. Now, where do I get one? Where do I find one that represents the breed? After talking with many breeders I came across Evolution Bulldogges. I called Brian and told him what I was looking for and with talking with Brian I knew it would be one of his pups. I have owned many different types of dogs, from Akita to Shih Tzu. Brian is without a doubt the most intelligent, knowledgeable dog breeder I have ever came across. He is the only breeder that allowed me to tour his entire operation. He is the only breeder that answered every question before, during and after the sale. I first put a deposit on a pup in February 2016. Brian knew what type of pet I was wanting so he said I should wait for one of LeeLou’s pups. LeeLou had an outstanding litter on May 4th, 2016. Brian also suggested I get a female because I have two other dogs in my home. On July 1st I picked up my first Evolution Bulldogge. I named her Evolution’s Karma. Brian, thank you for all of your patience and helping my family get the perfect Bulldogge. You truly have the best OEB’s in the world and I would not hesitate to send anyone I know to you and only you for an Olde.

  3. Evolution all the way iv Ben looking for years.i have to American bulldogs my boy papa looks older bulldogge love to show you photos of him

  4. First off I love your dogs they are beautiful. My family owns a Bulldogge kennel in Zavalla Texas. I would love to have a large male to one day introduced into our breeding program . Does your listed prices include breeding rights?

    • Some puppies are sold with breeding rights and some are not. The difference is in how well they score when I do my written evaluations on each pup. If you have any questions as to which ones scored high enough to be breeding prospects feel free to inquire through phone or email. 785-851-8888 or

  5. For the people that are lucky enough to find this website, in your search for a better and more advanced Olde Bulldogge,
    Well, you’ve come to the right place, read through the sections of this webpage, you will see, feel the dedication, passion and integrity that are put into this blood line with zero short cuts. It is not just about color, it is about a very functional working Olde Bulldogge free of serious health issues by strictly following a sound and strict breeding program, the Bulldog of old returned and advanced even more to fit and protect our hectic life styles. Built through a selection process utilizing x-rays, DNA testings, functional tests, hardness, structural quality, and most importantly a keen temperament test. Brian Miller is measured by his word, he will personally lead you to the right path on whatever you decide to do to his breed, be respectful to a man that gives it 100% every second, no better person than the man that created this line, do not waste his time but I can tell you he has patience. This is their life, producing exceptional Bulldogs. This line is able to work hard all day long and become the perfect companion to your young children to cuddle up in the living room carpet in front of the fire place because of their sound and respectful temperament. The Evolution team has molded this into each and every puppy. Having a dog is only the beginning, being a responsible master is the upkeep. You need to be “The pack leader” in any dog breed that is a part of your life, “it is your responsibility to give them love, time and guidance!” and absolutely no exception to this breed and Blood line. They are a wonderful, gentle family companion. I can honestly say with the way they are with my young children 4 and 1 yr old. I proudly say that we are fortunate to have two Evolution Bulldogs and love them very much from the amount of care and protection they’ve given us in return, to also add the way they brought us closer as a family not buried into life’s convenient personal electronic phones or pads. They’ve guided us to respect and witness how wonderful nature really is. We only have one life to live and their lives are much shorter than ours, make it count! They’ll be right by your side in any way you need them to be especially this line.
    This is not a sales pitch, I don’t gain anything from this. I wanted to share an honest American family’s quest to live with the perfect Olde Bulldogge. One of my favorite quotes given by a friend of mine that I use in our day to day living with our Evolution bulldogs
    “The only real secret is consistency” – K. H.
    Lastly, look around the web. It’s hard to find quality breeding out there that is not focused on cash by color or other weird features that restrict a claimed Olde English Bulldogge breed. If those are your “eye candy” immediately close this page, you went to the wrong place.
    This place is build by a proud man and his Empire. Brian Miller will have the dog that will fit your family. Are you fit enough for his dogs?

    Very respectfully,

  6. Love your doggs and vision I just have one ? how do I get a Blue or grey male puppy preferably blue from you

    • Thank you, I have worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices to produce the dogs that I do today. Give me a call and we can discuss the details of how to get you the Bulldogge you want. 785-851-8888

  7. i read this in your Alaunt description. “Evolution Bulldogges has put together a reconstruction program utilizing all known breeds that descended from the Aluant, selecting only the greatest specimens one could find in present day to integrate into this reconstruction.”
    Dude you can not recreate a breed by going backwards from the dog that are their descendants ! TARGET BREED = A ; A was created by dogs that came before it. when you try to create A by breeding dogs that were descendant from A but changed along the way it’s no fucking way you can create A that stock.

    • Well Mr. Reid, that is an interesting philosophy that you have on the selective breeding method. In an attempt to elevate the level of consciousness in my comments section, I will take time out of my busy day to drop a bit of knowledge on the topic. In regards to aspirations of desirable physical and psychological traits to be produced, one must select specimens which display characteristics similar in type and form to the end goal specimen. Specific traits can then be concentrated by creating homozygous genetic material which create the homogeneous characteristics desired, while undesirable traits are simultaneously reduced through genetic dilution by producing heterozygous genetic material which can quickly be eliminated in a subsequent selective breedings. The genetic material from ancestry in genetically bottle-necked groups of specimens, such as specific breeds will, by and large, preserve original genetic material since it is a closed system which does not allow genetic diversity to exist as would be the case in a breeding program with open stud books. The entire purpose of a breed then, is to consistently produce the desired phenotype, through controlling a closed genotype. With that preservation of genetic material, a breeder who has an understanding of genetic inheritance can then take specimens from specific breeds which display desirable homogeneous characteristics and reconstruct them into new specimens which greatly resemble original ancestry in form, function, and also genetic material.
      Thank you for visiting my website and allowing me the opportunity to share information that the Evolution community may find interesting. Good day sir.

  8. I recently bought a pup from Brian (off Rebel and Vixyn) and it has been an absolute pleasurable experience. I had a lot of questions leading up to my purchase and he was very patient and never made me feel like I was bothering him. He walked me through each of my options to make sure I got the right dog for my family. More importantly, he was great to deal with AFTER my purchase as he was very easy to communicate with to make sure my pup had the best experience. I now have a fantastic pup that is extremely smart, athletic, looks amazing and has a great temperament. He is exactly what I wanted and quickly blended well with my kids and two other dogs. Brian is truly a top of the line breeder that cares about his craft and the dogs he sells. I would never consider buying another dog from anyone but Brian. Keep up the great work!

  9. Are you still selling olde English bulldogs?

    • Sure am! However, I usually have such a long waiting list of customers who have placed deposits for puppies that I dont often have pups for sale on my website.

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