Our Olde English Bulldogge Studs

For Stud Service from our Olde English Bulldogge Studs, call
Brian at 785-851-8888
or email evolutionbulldogges@yahoo.com

Evolution Bulldogges uses only the best – Exodus Breeders Next Generation semen extender to provide the highest quality extended semen for the highest conception rates for your bitch.  All of our studs have had their semen analyzed by a vet and have exceptional reproductive health.  Stud service includes 3 breedings worth of chilled extended semen and insemination pipette shipped overnight. Guaranteed live, viable semen.


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Huge Black Bulldog

Evolution’s Ramy

Muscular bulldog

Evolution’s Smash – Open for Stud

White Bulldog

Evolution’s Rebel

Olde English Bulldogge Stud on Leash

Evolution’s Legion of Darkness – Open for Stud

Bulldog stud

Evolution’s Rex – Open for Stud

English Bulldogge Stud Outside

Evolution’s Mambo

Olde English Bulldogge

Evolution’s Static – now retired

Selection of an Olde English Bulldogge Stud
A bulldogge stud within a kennel setting has the most influence over the entire Olde English Bulldogge breeding program. This is due to the fact that a bulldog breeder can stud one of his bulldogge males to an almost unlimited number of bitches each year, while a breeding bitch can only be bred a maximum of two possible times a year (Olde English Bulldogges only have two heats a year). Since half the DNA of an entire Olde English Bulldogge breeding program can come from only one stud, (one stud could be bred to every female) it would be safe to say that only the most exceptional males should be made part of an Olde English Bulldogge breeder program. In Our Olde English Bulldogge kennel, with multiple bulldog studs, we prefer to have them related so as to produce a degree of consistency in our breeding program, and once again, the parents of those studs must be exceptional as well. While an Olde English Bulldogge bitch may be allowed to have a few flaws here and there, we tolerate very few minor flaws with our Olde English Bulldogge studs that are easy to breed out. Keep in mind there is not a dog of any breed in the world that is PERFECT. But our bulldogge studs are truly exceptional, or they don’t join our program. For more information on the breeding philosophies of Evolution Bulldogges, take a look at our Olde English Bulldogge Information pages.